Ready-Made Preschool provides early childhood homeschool curriculum programs that include the lesson plans and all the necessary materials cut, prepped and individually packaged so that they are easy to find and ready to use. The lessons are engaging, age appropriate, incorporate hands-on learning and fun!

Our Seasonal ABC’s programs are comprehensive 30 week curricula designed for children ages 3-5. Each week includes 4 days of lessons that are thematic and focus on a letter of the alphabet and a corresponding story with Bible, math, science and social studies integrated throughout. Head over to our Seasonal ABC’s page for more information about our curriculum.

with Ready-Made Preschool, you can engage your preschooler with confidence and ease!

How We Began

Ready-Made Preschool was created by Kate Funk after experiencing the frustration of not having the time to provide her younger children with a meaningful preschool experience while meeting the demands of homeschooling her older children. After hearing similar stories echoed throughout the community, she turned that frustration into motivation and combined it with her background in teaching and running preschool programs to develop our Seasonal ABC’s – Level I program and launched Ready-Made Preschool. She just finished our Seasonal ABC’s – Level II program and continues to homeschool her 5 children.

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